KIDZ Fitness

This class is about making exercises fun through games and exercise related activities. Each week children learn a new interactive game using parachutes and air lite floaters, tunnels, and obstacles, buzy bee tag games, ball games etc. The goal of the class is to improve their overall motor coordination, concentration and teamwork abilities in a fun safe non-competitive environment.  

Other Fitness classes that are offered are: Zumba, Dance Revolution, Yoga and so much more!

KIDZ Sports

Does your child love sports?  This is the program for you. Animation KIDZ has a wide range of sports and games for children of all ages.  From field hockey to football, we have something for each age level.  We incorporate more advanced games for the older kids such as scooter hockey, team handball, 4 square elimination ball, team building games, and some of the classic sports. We strive to help children be better teammates, respect fellow players and understand the importance of fair play in sports.