Arts n Crafts

Animation KIDZ provides a wide range of different types of Art programs.  We offer VIsual Arts, clay art, painting, various crafts, clothes designing and so much more!  Materials we work with are age dependant.

3D Pen Projects

This activity class consists of making cool things using the new technology of 3D pens. Children will learn how to use the 3D pens to create 2 and 3 dimensional creations based on their imagination. Classes start with the basic drawings then advance to 3d art creations. Note that materials will be supplied by us and we only use PLA plant-based plastic that are biodegradable and nontoxic. All crafts are safe and fully supervised, but the pens are based on the idea like hot glue guns and tips are warm. You child will be thrilled to bring their creations to life.

DIY Projects

DIY is the abbreviation for do-it-yourself!  This activity class consists of making cool things out of everyday items we find around our houses. From creating your own Board Games to your very own Foosball,  makingvarious different Craft projects from everyday items (like lava lamps, jewellery boxes etc), Be-Dazzle your very own clothing to tie-dye making! Its endless the opportunities within this class.

We also focus on 4 possible projects as follows: wood working, soldering a LED project, Mini Robotics and 3D Pen Printing. 

Note that some materials will be supplied by us and some we will ask students to bring in. This class is geared to older students because we will be using scissors, hot glue guns, Soldering pens, and 3D Pens. All crafts are safe and fully supervised.   DIY Projects workshop can be offered to younger students but activities will be chosen based on age levels.

KIDZ Beginner Soldering and Wood Burning programs

This is a fun beginner class for kids to learn the basics of circuitry. They will then use this knowledge to build anything from a basic LED clock to a mini robot. Wood Burning classes are a fun way for kids to put their creative ideas on wood using basic burning/shading techniques. These classes involve using Soldering pens and are reserved for our older kids, all activities are fully supervised and all protective equipment is always used.